Films to spice up your New Year holiday

2020-12-31 12:05:26

The clock is ticking down to 2021! As we're bidding adieu to the rough 2020, we've handpicked some films, all in theaters now, to help you get in the spirit of the season and kick off 2021 right. A scene from Warm Hug features actress Li Qin. [Photo/Douban] Warm Hug Nothing sounds better than ushering in 2021 by putting your arms around a loved one on New Year's Eve and this year's comedy, Warm Hug, might be exactly what you need. A Chinese remake of the 2014 South Korean comedy, The Plan Man, the film marks the first directorial effort of Chang Yuan, a crosstalk performer-turned-actor who shot to fame through the 2015 sleeper hit, Goodbye Mr. Loser. Starring actress Li Qin, who makes her silver screen debut in this film, Chang, and two of the country's comedy mainstays, Shen Teng and Ma Li, Warm Hug follows a depressed piano teacher (Chang) who plans to commit suicide but has his plan interrupted by a musician (Li) who then reignites his love for life.