Best reader awards: Our special way to lift the curtain on 2021

2020-12-31 12:02:39

This year has seen a lot of uncertainty and unexpected challenges. But sometimes, good things come out of bad situations. So today is a time for celebration – we should celebrate our courage, perseverance and unity to overcome all the difficulties, as well as what we learned from them. As to what we learn, we learn a lot from you – our readers. Your consistent devotion of time and intelligence to this app has been an incentive for us to improve reading experiences here. In that vein, we'd like to recognize some of our superlative readers by staging a virtual ceremony of the 2020 China Daily app awards for our best readers. Here is what we planned – The Bookworm Award to recognize readers' devotion of time on the app. The most diligent one who sticks to completing daily tasks most frequently will win. The Gift of Gab Award to recognize readers' contribution of intelligence and thought to the app. The one who writes the largest number of thoughtful comments will win. The Silver Tongue Award to recognize readers' best ability in English speaking. The one who has won first place in the Speaking Test the most times will laugh the last laugh. The Brainstormer Award to recognize readers' contributions to our newly launched, knowledge-sharing community Ask Brainy. The one whose answers are most insightful and wins the most praise will win this prize. The Rising Star Award to recognize newcomers to our app this year. You bring new energy to the readership. The one who adapts fastest will win this prize. We encourage you to invite more friends to the app for more quality time in 2021. Can you guess who the winners are? Are you the lucky one? Find the answers in the video! Those five winners will receive a gift from the app. And all of you are welcome to join the discussion in the comment sector – Which function of the app do you like best? And which part do you expect us to improve in the next year? Many may feel 2020 is a bleak year. But we encourage you to see bright side – we did learn a lot more on a bumpy road. And we're very grateful that we can get through all of these all the way along with YOU – our readers! Happy New Year!