Is it necessary to get a master's degree?

2020-12-26 12:14:25

Editor's note: According to the Ministry of Education, about 3.77 million candidates will take the annual entrance exam for postgraduate studies between Dec 26 and 28. Amid fierce competition, a college degree is no longer a guarantee of a better job and life. More college graduates in China have chosen to pursue higher degrees to improve their employment prospects and income, but is a master's degree a guarantee of success? Readers share their opinions. cbcronin As an American, I can only speak for the conditions here: Your chance of success rises if you have a degree. There is of course no guarantee of financial success, but on average: more education = more salary. There are some skilled professions here that do quite well without college degrees: plumbers, mechanics, carpenters, and others, but they depend on the area/region they are in due to living expenses. But education opens doors that will forever remain shut without it. Students prepare for the postgraduate entrance examination late at night at the library of Yunnan Normal University, Dec 16, 2017. [Photo/IC]