Hoop dreams of Liangshan Kobe

2020-12-25 12:02:19

In early 2019 Qubi Erli, a man of the Yi ethnic group living in Liangshan, uploaded a video clip of himself imitating Kobe Bryant's jump shot and became known by many netizens, who nicknamed him "Liangshan Kobe". Qubi Erli's home is located at Jiwei village in Liangshan Yi autonomous prefecture in Southwest China's Sichuan province. The region has hostile natural conditions and was trapped in extreme poverty. However, Qubi Erli's basketball enthusiasm wasn't extinguished by poverty. He learned basketball by watching the sport on television and organized games with kids in the village. In recent years, as poverty alleviation work has been promoted, the infrastructure in Jiwei village has greatly improved. Access to 4G networks provided a window to the outside world. The children all have their favorite basketball stars and use their idol's names as nicknames. The village now has its own Yao Ming, Michael Jordan, LeBron James, Kevin Durant and more. Let's check out their stories.