Black hand in Hong Kong riots exposed

2020-12-23 12:07:18

This photo taken from the official Facebook page of the Hong Kong Police Force shows a crowd at Causeway Bay on Oct 1, 2020. Joey Siu, one of the brains behind the rioting in the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region, recently admitted on Twitter that she is a US citizen. "… As a US citizen, I am privileged enough to be protected by the US govt … The US must step up to help," she tweeted. So a US citizen organizes local youth to act against their own country and when they have to face justice, she flees to the US, leaving the others behind to pay for her wrong-doing. Siu is not the only one, who has fled leaving other rioters in the lurch. Last August, while calling on students to quit classes, Nathan Law Kwun-chung, a founding member of the now disbanded Demosisto, went to Yale for his postgraduate studies at a time when his fellow "protesters "were agitating at the Hong Kong International Airport. Others who remained in Hong Kong may not have done so willingly. Take the case of Apple Daily founder Jimmy Lai Chee-Ying, who played a key role in the riots. He is under arrest after a court rejected his application for permission to leave Hong Kong three times. The attempts by the riot to absolve themselves of any responsibility should serve as an eye-opener for the misguided protesting youth in Hong Kong. They let the youngsters do the dirty work and face the legal consequences and fled the city before being caught. They are just using their foot soldiers as political cannon fodder while posing as "dissidents" in the West. A local resident commented under Siu's Tweet saying: "Then go back to the USA… You will be happy there", adding, the "Majority HK ppl is happily you are not living in HK". A message her Western patrons should hear loud and clear.