New draft law released clarifying rules on 'overeating' videos

2020-12-22 12:03:42

Mukbanger eats crayfish while live streaming on their mobile phones to "share the delicacy" with netizens via Douyin. [Photo/Sipa] To curb food waste, a new draft law was unveiled on Tuesday to clarify the ban on making or broadcasting programs or videos of excessive eating. The draft law on preventing food waste, with 32 articles, was submitted to the bimonthly session of the Standing Committee of National People's Congress, China's top legislature, for first review on Tuesday. Those who make, post or broadcast programs or videos of excessive eating will be given a fine ranging from 10,000 ($1,527) to 100,000 yuan or face a shutdown of the business if they do not follow the ban and refuse to be rectified, the draft said. It also calls for canteen operators at government agencies and schools, as well as those running travel businesses, to prevent waste and help people develop good eating habits. Organizers of weddings, funerals, parties or family reunions are asked to order food in accordance with practical circumstances to avoid excessive waste, it added. Curbing food waste, ensuring food safety and encouraging the whole Chinese society to foster a frugal attitude toward food through a long-term legal system has been advanced by the top legislature to resolutely put an end to wasting food.