Mutton meal honors friendship between China and Mongolia

2020-12-21 12:04:33

Two students at Liaoning University from Mongolia offered to make a special dish for a doctor in Shenyang who joined the fight against the COVID-19 outbreak in Central China's Hubei province. The food was prepared earlier with mutton donated by the Mongolia government. "We want to present our highest respect," said Ariunjargal Gerelbat. "A friend in need is a friend indeed. China provides all-round help for my motherland in the battle with virus. Now I would like to express my gratitude with delicious food." During the epidemic, China deployed supplies to assist the Mongolian government in fighting against the disease. The Mongolian government and people were so grateful that they promised to send sheep to China as a gift. The mutton arrived recently and was distributed to medics and other people working on the front line in the fight against the pandemic. Ariunjargal Gerelbat and Daramzagd Galbadrakh decided to cook Mongolian-style mutton for Hu Weina, a doctor from the No 4 Affiliated Hospital of China Medical University who joined the fight against COVID-19 in Hubei province. "The epidemic has been brought under control and life returns to normal thanks to the selfless efforts of many medical workers like Dr Hu. I feel very close to Hu, who I regard as my sister," Daramzagd Galbadrakh said. In the kitchen of Hu's home, the two students worked with Hu and the aroma of milk tea and stewed mutton filled the room. Chen Mo contributed to the story. [Video by TheWay Legend/For]