Nankai University helps popularize volleyball in Tianjin

2021-04-02 12:05:43

Nankai University has played a leading role in popularizing volleyball in the city of Tianjin, through its advanced volleyball education programs and teaching concepts. Since the founding of the university a century ago, it has developed a tradition of attaching great importance to sport - especially to volleyball. In the mid-1920s, there were only 1,000 students at Nankai, but there were six volleyball courts, which grew to 11 the following decade. The school's volleyball teams have won international and domestic honors. In May 1990, the women's volleyball team visited Japan and competed with their counterparts from seven Japanese universities. They won all their games. In 2002, the women's team represented China to compete in the East Asian Games Volleyball Tournament, and won the championship. In 2003, the team represented Chinese college students in the 22nd FISU World University Games, and again won the championship. Nowadays, sports, volleyball, and the spirit of the women's volleyball team have each been integrated into the university's daily teaching to convey values and sporting ethics, and to help students form healthy personalities. "During a training session, the teacher once shared the spirit of Chinese women's volleyball team with us," said Zhang Zhiyi, a student of the College of Chemistry. "One sentence was particularly impressive. 'Competitive sports is not only about skills, but also your ability to overcome difficulties. If you rise to challenges and push ahead, you will win.' This gives us the courage to work hard to solve problems." Optional volleyball courses, clubs and student teams have facilitated the integration of Nankai volleyball teaching into daily activities. More than 10,000 students participate in volleyball matches and club activities every year. The university also actively encourages volleyball for teaching staff. In 2007, the school staff volleyball club was established. At the same time, the school union also regularly organizes volleyball competitions for teachers to enhance their physical fitness and enrich their cultural life. The development of these activities has played a positive role in the popularization of volleyball, spreading the spirit of sports, and helping the campus sports culture prosper.