From readers: My tai chi experience

2020-12-19 12:00:36

Editor's note: Taijiquan was added to UNESCO's intangible cultural heritage list on Thursday. Known as tai chi, taijiquan is a traditional Chinese martial art which has become a popular form of exercise at home and abroad. Readers share their experiences about tai chi here. freakyqi The first time I ever saw someone doing tai chi in my life (for real, not just on TV) was at a park. It was so early in the morning there was dew on the grass. I was very far from this building, with no one else around, and in the center of the entrance area there were people dressed all in black doing tai chi. I watched and thought "that looks like it feels good ", and from then on I always wanted to try it, though it wasn't until a few years later a good opportunity arose, and I have been doing it ever since. That image is stuck in my mind. It did feel really neat to do it in China - where it comes from! I definitely made sure to do it well, pay attention and savor the experience. Dressed in white tai chi suits, more than 10,000 tai chi lovers celebrated the 2019 "Belt and Road" Tai Chi Tour, held in Chenjiagou, Central China’s Henan province on Sept 2, 2019. [Provided to]