China's amazing success and the road ahead

2021-03-31 12:02:16

Mario Cavolo, a China-based Italian-American writer and communications specialist, shares with us his insights on China's amazing achievements, especially on poverty alleviation and pandemic control, and the capable, efficient governance model that lies behind. To maintain such good development momentum, it's time for China to look at some fundamental issues such as the hukou reform, Mario says when talking about China's future. In addition, he rejects the "vaccine diplomacy" and "debt diplomacy" charge made against China and makes it clear that China doesn't want to be world's No 1 but rather a helpful and successful global partner that the world needs. Mario also speaks about his new book Something's not right here folks, which records and analyzes what happened from Jan to June last year in China, an experience he shared with Chinese people and a period that should make all Chinese proud.