US attacks on China at dialogue 'not the way to treat guests'

2021-03-19 12:02:44

The Chinese side has responded solemnly to "unreasonable attacks" made by the US side at the beginning of the bilateral high-level strategic dialogue in Anchorage, Alaska, an official with the Chinese delegation said on Friday. The Chinese side, in response to the US' invitation, traveled to Anchorage in sincerity to have a strategic dialogue with the US side, and China finished preparations for the dialogue in accordance with the procedures and arrangements that were agreed to by the two sides in advance, the unnamed official said. The official pointed out when delivering its opening remarks, the US side went over time and made unreasonable attacks on China's domestic and foreign policies in an attempt to spur conflict. This is not the way to treat guests, nor is it in line with diplomatic etiquette and protocols, and the Chinese side has made a solemn response to this, the official added.