Success of lunar mission hailed

2020-12-18 12:00:10

Technicians check the Chang'e 5 reentry capsule after it touched down at its preset landing site in Siziwang Banner of the Inner Mongolia autonomous region on Thursday. [Photo by Wang Jiangbo/For China Daily] President extends congratulations to all participants in Chang'e 5 space program President Xi Jinping sent a congratulatory message on Thursday on the success of the Chang'e 5 mission, China's most sophisticated and challenging space adventure, which has brought back the world's first lunar samples in more than 40 years. On behalf of the Communist Party of China Central Committee, the State Council and the Central Military Commission, Xi extended warm congratulations and sincere greetings to all participants in the landmark mission. Xi said the Chang'e 5 mission, China's most complicated space project, has achieved the Chinese space industry's first extraterrestrial sampling and returning. It is the latest achievement by China's system, which is characterized by its ability to mobilize all available resources to overcome difficulties and achieve its goals, and also marks a major step forward in the country's space industry, he said in the letter. The mission's results will contribute to deepening mankind's understanding of the origin of the moon and the evolution of the solar system, he noted. "Your extraordinary feats will be enshrined in the memory of our motherland and the people," Xi said in the letter, referring to those involved in the mission. Noting that there is no end for space exploration, the president expressed his hope that the mission's workers carry forward the lunar exploration spirit in order to embark on interplanetary expeditions. He encouraged them to continue to build the country into a major power in space, make new contributions to national rejuvenation, and give a stronger boost to the peaceful use of space and the building of a shared future for humanity.