Goji berry feast in Ningxia offers 28 new dishes

2021-03-16 12:03:20

A goji berry tasting feast in Yinchuan, Ningxia Hui autonomous region, was held virtually on Saturday afternoon to promote traditional Chinese health food in the local restaurant industry. Twenty-eight goji dishes, including asparagus and shrimp marinated in berry juice, goji tea and goji chicken soup were presented. Goji recipe creations for the tasting party have accelerated the transformation and upgrading of the Ningxia goji industry. The regional Department of Commerce, Yinchuan municipal bureau of commerce and the Ningxia Restaurant Association jointly developed and promoted the new dishes. Well-known chefs in Ningxia are provided with opportunities to travel to all over the country to learn and practice goji cuisine, along with learning the cultural background behind each dish. To create new and unique dishes for Ningxia, chefs asked for advice from local experts to improve the cooking steps. All dishes in the tasting event combined goji berries with other local food specialties, such as Yanchi Tan lamb and Sand Lake fish head. Tang Ziye contributed to the story.