2021 a potential 'harvest year' for China's economy

2021-03-09 12:02:03

Relative to 2020, China's economy should have "a year of harvest" in 2021, said Li Daokui, dean of the Academic Center for Chinese Economic Practice and Thinking at Tsinghua University and a CPPCC National Committee member. "Domestic and international economic circulation is a pair of very important relationships," Li said. "The Chinese economy is too large to be dependent on international demand… China definitely will have to implement a lot of policies to make sure household consumption will be the key driver." Li also said he believes the Chinese economy will continue its opening-up. To learn more, watch this video. Reporter: Chen Jia Photographer: Chen Jia Editors: Zhao Shiyue, Chen Liubing and Zhao Tingting Supervisors: Lei Lei, Zhang Chunyan Directors: Zhu Zhe, Han Lei Producer: Sun Shangwu