China's last reindeer tribe

2021-02-27 12:04:21

Dawa fetches water near a settlement in the Greater Khingan Mountains. In May when the ice has not melted, the Deer Ewenki people often migrate to areas with rich moss resources. [Photo by WANG WEI/FOR CHINA DAILY] Editor's note: Photographer Wang Wei focuses his lens on the Ewenki people who live deep in the dense forests of the Greater Khingan Mountains. It took him nearly three years to record the last reindeer tribe in China, and present to the public a series of photographs and videos recording the life of the Ewenki people and their endangered culture. Ewenki means "people living in the mountains and forests" in their ethnic language. There are three main branches of the Ewenki people in China, the Suolun, the Tunguska and the Reindeer Ewenki. Another unsourced explanation says that Ewenki means people living on the southern slopes. The above two explanations show that the Ewenki people are hunting people in the forest. With the course of time, some of the branches moved out of the mountains to the grasslands and river valleys, while some remained in the mountains.