World's biggest lantern brightens tourism in SW China

2021-02-27 12:04:08

Located in China's Southwest Sichuan province, Langzhong city, one of the ancient historical and cultural cities in China, has the largest Chinese red lantern in the world. The giant lantern is located in the main venue of the spring fair in the ancient city of Langzhong. The lantern is 26.8 meters high, with an 8-meter-high lightning rod flagpole on it, giving it a total height of 34.8 meters. The largest diameter of the red lantern measures 51 meters, while the the largest inner diameter is 38 meters, and the inside diameter of the upper and lower openings 30 meters. Inside the lantern is a performance hall, which can hold 400 people at a time. Thanks to going viral on the internet, the world's largest Chinese red lantern has drawn many tourists to snap photos with the landmark, boosting the city's tourism. How is this lantern made? How long did it take? What's in the lantern? Click the video to find more about the big lantern.