Meet heroes honored for poverty relief

2021-02-26 12:02:57

Editor's note: President Xi Jinping on Thursday presented medals, certificates and plaques to role models in China's poverty alleviation fight. Let's find out more about the recipients. Mao Xianglin communicates with fruit merchants while transporting oranges in a basket carried on his back near Chongqing's Xiazhuang village on Jan 7. WANG QUANCHAO/XINHUA Mao Xianglincommittee chief of Xiazhuang village, Wushan county in Chongqing Sixteen years ago, Mao led more than 100 villagers to build an 8-kilometer road linking the village, located at the bottom of a valley, to the outside world with their bare hands. Six lives were lost during the process. He then helped them overcome poverty.