South Beauty launches new sub-brand in Beijing

2021-02-24 12:06:30

Eight-second fish sashimi with golden soup [Photo provided to China Daily] Restaurant chain South Beauty launched its new sub-brand Chunfengshili in February, opening its first branch in Beijing. Located in the Sanlitun area of the capital, the restaurant features Sichuan cuisine, tea and dessert in an artistic style. A fifteen-meter-long floral decoration winds its way from the entrance of the restaurant to the dining area, which is the symbol of the brand. The eight-second fish sashimi with golden soup is the signature dish, which gives traditional Sichuan cuisine a modern twist –the fish is sliced into paper-thin fillets and is ready to eat after being marinated in a golden spicy and sour boiled soup for only eight seconds. The chefs have to soak their hands in cold water before cutting the fish, so the temperature of their hands won't infect the freshness of the live fish. The dessert combines western cooking methods and Chinese ingredients, and is paired with Chinese teas. Tea at South Beauty [Photo provided to China Daily]