Dance show on Tang Dynasty wins hearts

2021-02-23 12:05:08

A poster of the dance show Night Banquet in Tang Dynasty Palace [Photo/Official Weibo account of Henan Museum] A dance show which recreates Tang Dynasty (618-907) scene has gone viral online, winning much acclaim from netizens. Titled Tang Gong Ye Yan (Night Banquet in Tang Dynasty Palace), the show presents the process from making preparations to performing by a group of female musicians at a banquet in Tang Dynasty. It breaks the stereotype of lyric atmosphere of Chinese classic dance and offers an amusing and real-life sense. Fourteen dancers wearing jumpsuits filled with sponge and with special cotton in their mouths recreate the plump figures of Tang Dynasty females. Besides, crescent-shaped makeup and costumes resembling Tang tri-colored pottery make audiences feel like travelling to the Tang Dynasty 1,300 years ago. Modern digital technology such as 3D and AR are used to produce a combination of virtual scene with real stage, along with nifty dance moves of actresses and demonstration of national treasures, have all made the show impressive . The show presents several precious treasures of Henan province through its performance, such as Fu Hao Xiao Zun (Bronze wine vessel in the shape of owl), Lian He Fang Hu (Rectangular wine vessel with lotus and crane), the Jiahu Bone Flutes as well as paintings of Ladies with Head-pinned Flowers. The program is considered a highlight of the 2021 Spring Festival gala of Henan Satellite Television, whose gala was widely praised by audiences this year. According to Wenhui Bao newspaper, the video showing the dance has been watched 48.62 million times on Sina Weibo, and the view counts of related topics has surpassed 200 million on Douyin, a short-video platform in China, by Feb 19.