Texas' energy pride sags amid bitter winter cold

2021-02-19 12:02:24

Residents wait in line to fill propane tanks in Houston, Texas, United States, on Wednesday. Millions of Texans still had no power after a historic snowfall, and single-digit temperatures created a surge of demand for electricity to warm up households unaccustomed to such extreme lows, buckling the state's power grid and causing widespread blackouts. [Photo/Agencies] Texas entered a sixth day of freezing cold on Thursday, as the largest energy producing state in the United States grappled with massive refining outages and oil and gas shutdowns that rippled beyond its borders into neighboring Mexico. Meanwhile, the now former mayor of Colorado City, in West Texas, said he had already turned in his resignation when he wrote a Facebook post saying it was not the local government's responsibility to help those suffering in the cold without power. In his typo-ridden post on Tuesday, Tim Boyd wrote: "Only the strong will survive and the weak will parish (perish)." He said he was "sick and tired" of people looking for handouts.