For CPC member, serving the people is reward enough

2021-02-02 12:02:57

A man in his fifties and a member of the Communist Party of China steps out to stifle dangerous straw fires with a shovel on a country road. [Photo/CCTV News] A picture showing a member of the Communist Party of China walking toward burning straw to put out the blaze recently went viral. Against the stark scenery of a black sky, scorching fire and thick smog, only the man's back is visible — but that makes the image no less heroic. The photo was posted online by the man's daughter on Sunday night, and she shared the story of the picture that touched the hearts of millions. "On our way back home from a relative's in the countryside, we saw the blaze from a distance," the daughter wrote in her post. "A tiny spark is dangerous, because it's dry in North China and withered plants are everywhere on the fields." "It occurred to my dad there was a short shovel in the car, so he drove over and stopped by the spots on fire," she wrote. It was dangerous when they arrived. The fire stretched over ten meters long, and the spot where the fire burned the most fiercely was next to the woods. "I'm afraid that the fire would lick the branches," she wrote. "For about half an hour, my father was shoveling dirt tirelessly to put out the fires," she said. "I didn't have any tools, so I couldn't help him. My heart was also burning with anxiety." When the father succeeded in stifling the fire and preventing it from causing more damage, the daughter said "You should be honored with an award." However, the father's reply was humble, in keeping with his selfless act. "I am a Party member," he said. "I need no award.". The father's words soon became a trending topic on Sina Weibo on Monday, and the story has attracted over 100 million views. Comments poured in to praise the father, such as "The photo looks like a movie scene", "The father's back is so handsome!", "Stand in awe", "It thrilled me. Maybe that's how a hero makes people feel" and "It's a kind of belief." But this was not the first time the father had removed fire hazards on the country road. The last time was with his wife, and they kept a fire extinguisher in the car for the future. This time, however, the need for action was pressing and the father forgot to use it. A number of netizens were inspired to share their own stories of Party members' dedication, and what it takes to be one. "My mother is almost 70 years old. She works to help the seventh national population census. When I had a video chat with her at around nine in the evening, she was arranging materials. I asked her why she still worked so hard at her age. She replied there was not so much time left for her to work for the Party. Last year, she also stood guard at the entrance of the village to help with virus prevention and control," a commenter said. "I once worked 20 days as a community staff during a college break. I followed a Party member to visit the residents and offer the services in their needs. At that point, I realized serving the people is never empty talk. And I'm glad I am a Party member now," another person wrote. "Every time I wear the Party emblem, I feel a sense of duty to step forward and serve the people," another commenter said.