'Spicy' Italian recalls 1st Spring Festival in China

2021-02-02 12:02:01

With Spring Festival just around the corner, we talked to some foreigners in China to test their knowledge of Chinese New Year and discuss New Year celebrations, things that interest them about the grand holiday, as well as their lives in China. Italian Gianluca Luisi, nicknamed "Spicy Luca" in China, was once a diplomat working at the Italian consulate in Chongqing, and now he works to promote the spicy flavors of China. Recalling the first time he experienced Spring Festival in China, he said "All of a sudden, I saw everyone leaving, and all the restaurants were closed, which were so strange!" Check out the video for more fun, as he talks about his first Chinese New Year as well as his life in China. Video edited by Ma Chi Video presented by China Daily website China Daily local news desk China Daily Chongqing bureau