Beijing has contained regional outbreak, official says

2021-01-30 12:03:55

  Residents are about to go to the COVID-19 quarantine center in the Ronghui residential compound in Daxing's Tiangongyuan subdistrict, Beijing, Jan 27, 2021.[Photo/Xinhua] China's capital Beijing has effectively contained the regional outbreak of COVID-19 cases in Daxing district through multiple measures including community lockdown, mass testing and disinfection, Xu Hejian, spokesman for the municipal government, said at a news conference on Friday. "There might be a chance some cases will continue to occur," he said. Beijing reported one local transmitted case for Thursday, according to Pang Xinghuo, deputy head of the Beijing Center for Disease Control and Prevention. The patient also resides in Daxing, where the recent cases were reported. By Thursday, the cluster of COVID-19 infections in Daxing had involved 32 cases in Ronghui residential community, but it had not spread massively in office buildings or shopping malls, Pang said. "The cluster involved 12 families, three of which have all their members infected," she said. Previously, Xicheng district, in Beijing's core area, has conducted mass testing and reported one positive sample. Pang said it was determined the case is not related to the Daxing cluster after a genomic sequencing investigation. "The case was a previous confirmed imported patient from overseas, which is not in the transmission chain of the Daxing cases," she said.