Hussar on the grassland

2020-12-15 22:25:23

A dance performed by Wulanmuqi artists in Kulun Banner Tongliao.[Photo provided to China Daily] At the beginning of September 2019 I received an invitation from the Wulanmuqi art groupe of the Alxa League in the Inner Mongolia autonomous region to accompany them for a photo shoot of their performance in Alxa Right Banners pastoral region.Wulanmuqi means red cultural working team in Mongolian. It appeared in 1957 undertaking the tasks of performing publicity tutoring and service for the people of Inner Mongolia. It is reputed as hussar on the grassland.On Sept 7 I arrived at Alxa Left Banner and prepared to set off with them the next day to continue photographing a theme on Wulanmuqi. On Sept 8 Wulan Bateer chairman of the Alxa Leagues music artists association choreographer and director of Wulanmuqi in Alxa League led the team of nine in two small offroad vehicles. The Wulanmuqi artists drove by themselves. We set off with tents kitchen utensils food and other items and after seven hours we covered a journey of 400 kilometers and arrived at Guriban Tula Gagacha Alateng Obao town in Alxa Right Banner.