China ensures smooth transport of life necessities amid epidemic

2021-01-24 12:03:24

A staff member unloads tomatoes from a truck at the fruit and vegetable distribution center of Beiguo Supermarket in Shijiazhuang, North China's Hebei province, on Jan 19, 2021. BEIJING - China is sparing no efforts to ensure the smooth transportation of life necessities in key COVID-19 epidemic areas, including Beijing, Hebei, Jilin and Heilongjiang, the country's top economic planner said Saturday. To this end, various relevant departments have issued notices, requiring that unreasonable restrictions on freight transport should be lifted, and COVID-19 prevention, control and inspection measures as well as traffic conditions should be announced in a timely manner, according to the National Development and Reform Commission. In addition, priority should be given to vehicles used for transporting life necessities, while postal and express services should be smoothed. The number of vehicles entering Beijing and Hebei for fresh agricultural products has remained stable, and the transportation and supply of daily necessities such as grain, oil, meat, eggs, milk, fruits and vegetables have been guaranteed all over the country, said an official from the NDRC.