BOE to supply 10 million OLEDs for iPhones in 2021

2020-12-15 22:25:13

A man takes pictures of iPhones in the new Apple flagship store in Sanlitun in Beijing July 17 2020. [PhotoAgencies] BOE Technology Group Co Ltd a leading Chinese supplier of display products and solutions is expected to provide 10 million OLED panels for Apples iPhones next year according to THE ELEC a South Korea electronics industry media outlet.Apple is expected to ship between 160 million to 180 million units of iPhones that use organic lightemitting diode panels in 2021 the website quoted sources with Samsung Display as saying. The figure combines the expected shipments for iPhones 12 and 13.Samsung Display is hoping to have around 140 million iPhones launching next year to use its OLED panels the sources said.LG Display is expected to provide its OLED panels for around 30 million iPhones and BOE is expected to take the remaining 10 million units according to Samsungs estimation.In LGs calculations Samsung is expected to supply OLED panels for around 130 million units with BOE supplying around 10 million.Next years OLED panel used for the iPhone 13 will be more technologically sophisticated compared to those used in iPhone 12. Two out of the four models launching next year will use lowtemperature polycrystalline oxide thinfilm transistors.