Exhibition center symbolizing friendship with China to open

2021-01-18 12:04:02

Despite the impact of COVID-19 in Bangladesh, the completion of a symbolic international exhibition center in Purbachal on the outskirts of the capital city of Dhaka has been achieved. The Bangladesh-China Friendship Exhibition Centre (BCFEC), funded by China, was built by the China State Construction Engineering Corporation (CSCEC). The Beijing Institute of Architectural Design formulated an eye-catching design for the center which covers 80,000-square-meters of land. BCFEC's on-site construction includes exhibition halls, garages, supporting plant rooms and other facilities. In the exhibition center, there are two exhibition halls comprising 400 exhibition booths respectively, one 600-square-meter multifunctional hall, one dining room that can seat 500 people, offices, a prayer room, a staff dormitory, a children's activity area and related functional auxiliary rooms. The main body of the exhibition center boasts a red ceramic panel exterior curtain wall and an aluminum gray wavy roof which symbolizes the ship of friendship between China and Bangladesh. The Bangladeshi government has been developing the area as a self-contained township with all modern facilities and opportunities. Chen Long is the project's director for the technical construction team from the China State Construction Engineering Corporation (CSCEC). He said they received the official commencement instruction from the government of Bangladesh in October of 2017, and the project was officially completed in November of 2020. "We're now preparing a training program for the Bangladeshi engineers and staff members and the handover to the government of Bangladesh," Chen said. According to Chen, the exterior shape of the project resembles a big ship, which represents the ship of friendship between Bangladesh and China. The project includes two exhibition halls in the east and west respectively with a total of 800 exhibition booths, he said and added its supporting facilities include one multi-functional hall, one conference room, one dining hall and other facilities. During the project construction process, Chen said engineers and workers from both countries communicated harmoniously by exchanging construction techniques as well as their respective cultures. "We completed this project successfully. From my personal point of view, I think the total project is excellent in every way including the overall project quality, design and construction." He said this project is also an outcome of the Belt and Road Initiative. "We're very proud to be engaged in this project on behalf of CSCEC. Personally, I'm also very glad because I held the position of Project Director of a technical construction team." The project has further strengthened the friendship between China and Bangladesh. Md Shahinur Rahman, a Chinese translator, said initially he worked as a supervisor. "With my strong willingness and determination, I tried to learn Chinese on YouTube. Gradually, I have become an interpreter and have now been working as an interpreter for this wonderful project." "Now I've received a pay rise," he added. He is so happy working as an interpreter for the project, he said, because it is a symbol of the friendship between Bangladesh and China. "I have spent a lot of time with Chinese people and they are very friendly. I am also happy that this project is going to be handed over to the government of Bangladesh soon," said Rahman. Liu Xing, another project worker, said the design concept, architecture and cultural facets are magnificent. "The design of both the interior and exterior showed our respect for the Bangladeshi culture, and it also demonstrates the friendship between Bangladesh and China. Even during the impact of COVID-19, we finished the project successfully," Liu added.