China, Laos, Myanmar and Thailand four countries escorted the Mekong river for 9 years with zero robbery and doubled freight

2020-12-06 20:19:40

China News Agency, Kunming, December 6 (reporter Hu Yuanhang) - the 100th joint patrol and law enforcement tour of the Mekong River between China, Laos, Myanmar and Thailand will soon be held. Since its operation in 2011, the mechanism has escorted more than 2000 merchant ships, rescued 536 people from 130 merchant ships in distress, and recovered direct economic losses of 188 million yuan, the Public Security Department of Yunnan Province said in a news release in Kunming on June 6. It has realized zero hijacking cases of merchant ships on the Mekong River, quadrupled the cargo throughput of ports along the river, and increased the number of tourists by more than 20% annually. China Laos Myanmar Thailand Mekong River joint patrol and law enforcement mechanism is the first security cooperation mechanism jointly established by the law enforcement authorities of the four countries in response to the Mekong River basin security challenges, maintaining the development environment and restoring shipping confidence after the Mekong River "10.5" case occurred in 2011. Based on the monthly joint patrol and law enforcement service of the Mekong River, the mechanism starts from Xishuangbanna, Yunnan Province, along the Lancang Mekong River, China Myanmar boundary river and the old Myanmar boundary river, and reaches the Golden Triangle waters at the junction of Laos, Myanmar and Thailand. It mainly carries out merchant ship escort, multilateral exchange and joint law enforcement. According to Zhou Jianzhong, deputy secretary of the Party committee and executive deputy director of the Public Security Department of Yunnan Province, so far, China, Laos, Myanmar and Thailand have carried out 99 joint patrols and law enforcement services on the Mekong River, with 15818 law enforcement personnel and 787 law enforcement boats, with a voyage of more than 56100 km. On the basis of joint law enforcement, the law enforcement departments of the four countries have established a series of sub mechanisms, such as joint land and water investigation and arrest, sectional patrol and joint service training of ships and boats. Through the joint patrol, joint service training and land and water investigation and arrest of China Laos, China Myanmar, Laos Myanmar and Laos Thailand, the law enforcement vessels patrol the river 25 days a month, with a police detection rate of 80% Above, the Mekong River from the original unilateral control to bilateral, multilateral joint control. Zhou Jianzhong said that in the next step, the four countries will further deepen law enforcement cooperation, strive to build a pattern of international law enforcement security cooperation recognized by all parties and win-win cooperation, increase efforts to crack down on cross-border crimes, and strengthen the construction of China Laos Myanmar Thailand joint patrol law enforcement mechanism on the Mekong river. The reporter learned that the 100th China Laos Myanmar Thailand Mekong River joint patrol law enforcement operation will be launched in Xishuangbanna on the 8th. The operation is expected to last four days and three nights, with a total voyage of more than 620 kilometers. On October 5, 2011, two merchant ships, Huaping and Yuxing 8, were attacked in the Golden Triangle waters of the Mekong River, killing 13 Chinese crew members. (end)