59 people rescued from ice floe

2021-01-16 12:03:27

Fifty-nine residents and tourists were playing on the frozen surface of the sea at a beach park in Dalian, Liaoning province, on Thursday when a large slab of ice suddenly broke off and drifted away. These people were carried 1 kilometer from the shore before being saved through the efforts of nearly 300 rescuers — both official units and non-governmental organizations — sources from the local emergency management bureau said. Within three hours, all the trapped people were brought safely to shore, with 38 rescued in nine kayaks and 21 lifted in two rescue helicopters. Xiajiahezi Beach in Dalian's Ganjingzi district is a popular tourist resort in summertime. As temperatures dropped below -10 C last week, the water surface near the shore froze over, attracting people who enjoyed the scene, which was like polar ice, for photos. But the temperature rose back above zero this week.