The CPC isn't threatening world peace - but the US is

2021-01-13 12:16:52

It's an overused and long-lasting practice of some politicians in the United States. Whenever their domestic politics create controversies and unrest, they intensify attacks on their "opponents" abroad to distract the attention of Americans and the world. The US administration is at it again, as American democracy has come under attack. Angry mobs, instigated by the president himself, have stormed and ransacked the Capitol building. The world was taken aback seeing the true colors of the US. It condemned such grisly violence in the capital of the flag-wavers and hawkers of "human rights" around the globe. In response, the US is up to its old tricks. This time, it has blamed the Communist Party of China. An article published at the website of the US State Department has absurdly accused the CPC of threatening global peace and security. Against such blatant lies, many observers see the world has no reason to believe the US' accusations. However, it's worth going a step further to say the US has only itself, not the CPC, to blame for ransacking global peace.  The article has called the Belt and Road Initiative a "debt trap" for many countries. In my eyes, these accusations are totally baseless and made out of jealousy of the success of the BRI. It's not a crime to lend money to a country; the BRI does exactly that, based on the principle of win-win cooperation. Italy has already joined the initiative, while France, Germany and some other EU countries are planning to follow suit. The EU has already turned its back on the US for its selfish mentality. This is the main reason the US is desperate to find fault with the BRI. Although the State Department has severely criticized the BRI, analysts believe the initiative has brought vast opportunities to participant countries. Under the initiative, China has already spent an estimated $200 billion on more than 790 projects in BRI countries. The State Department has ridiculously accused the CPC of aggression in the Indo-Pacific region. This accusation seems an exact reflection of the proverb that "one doth the scathe and another hath the scorn", since US armed forces are all over the world. According to the South China Morning Post, "since the US became a nation, it has invaded 84 out of 194 countries currently recognized by the United Nations, or 43 percent of the total. And it has had some form of military involvement with a whopping 191 countries, not counting the US itself. That's more than 98 percent!" Moreover, its hands are stained with the blood of millions. But the US has shamelessly blamed China for military aggression, though there is no single instance of Chinese military aggression in memorable history. Without citing any evidence, the article has also blamed the CPC for undermining global norms and values. The world knows it is the US that invaded Iraq, bypassing the UN. It left UNESCO, and threatened to leave the UN itself. But China has long been the strongest proponent of multilateralism and globalization. It has been playing a positive role to increase the contributions of global bodies in international affairs. The article accused CPC-controlled media of spreading propaganda globally. In my opinion, China is the real victim of propaganda. The US-leaning media regularly runs "fake news" over topics like Xinjiang, Taiwan, Hong Kong and the South China Sea, to name a few. The US might blame China for making its own "propaganda" believable. But the world will never be deceived into believing its lies against China. The article has blamed the CPC for human rights violations. I think the US has no moral ground to lecture others on human rights after blocking an ICC team from investigating possible human rights violations in Afghanistan by US forces. It can't speak about human rights after failing to save hundreds of thousands of lives in its own territory during the pandemic. The US has no right to talk about this issue after overseeing the worst human rights violations in recent memory at Guantánamo Bay, Abu Ghraib prison in Iraq and Bagram air base in Afghanistan. I can't even imagine how the US can talk about human rights while they are responsible for the killing of millions in Iraq, Syria, Afghanistan, Palestine and many more countries. The State Department article has brazenly accused the CPC of environmental abuse. But the record shows China played an active role in creating the Paris Agreement. But the US has left the treaty. China has also pledged to be a carbon-neutral country by 2060. The accusations the US has made against the CPC are totally groundless and nonsense. It has blamed the CPC to cover up its misdeeds across the world. The CPC is not threatening global peace and security — quite the contrary, it is working on making the world a better home for mankind. The author is a Bangladeshi journalist and columnist now based in Beijing, China. The opinions expressed here are those of the writer and do not necessarily represent the views of China Daily and China Daily website. If you have a specific expertise and would like to contribute to China Daily, please contact us at , and