Yan Huang Art Museum marks 30th anniversary

2021-01-13 12:04:24

Dance. [Photo/Courtesy of Yan Huang Art Museum] The late painter Huang Zhou is a leading figure of 20th-century Chinese art, whose ink paintings won popularity for their rich color schemes, sketchy strokes and vivid depictions of people's life, especially those living in ethnic communities such as the Xinjiang Uygur and Tibet autonomous regions and Qinghai province. Huang's last complete work wasn't a painting, though — it was the Yan Huang Art Museum in Beijing where he worked, received friends and showed his paintings and collections of art.  Celebrating its 30th anniversary, Yan Huang Art Museum is showing a selection of Huang's monumental paintings from its collection. They show the breathtaking scenery and distinctive ethnic life of Xinjiang, where Huang traveled extensively over decades.    Titled Time, Nation, Borders, the exhibition, which runs until Jan 1, 2022, also features rarely displayed sketches. It also shows Huang's studio, allowing people to get a glimpse of his cultural accumulations.