Meat-eating plants on display at Chenshan Botanic Garden

2021-01-12 12:03:29

Carnivorous plants on display at Chenshan Botanic Garden in Shanghai. [Photo provided to] A new pavilion featuring carnivorous plants opened in Shanghai's Chenshan Botanic Garden on New Year's Day. Located in the greenhouse for tropical plants, the new pavilion showcases about 500 carnivorous plants of more than 150 different species and varieties. Among them are the king sundew, the Raffles' pitcher-plant, the Pinguicula gigantean and the tropical pitcher plant, the only species of the genus found in China. According to Wang Yanping, a researcher with Chenshan, carnivorous plants are a rare species that spans 10 families, 21 genus and more than 630 species. The majority of them grow in the wetlands of the mountains or lowland moors. To host these plants, Chenshan installed a special system to regulate the temperature, humidity sprays, supplemental lighting and fans.