Adelie penguin chicks ready to meet the world

2021-01-12 12:03:24

Six Adelie penguins which were born in Shanghai Haichang Ocean Park late last year are now ready to meet the public at the penguin pavilion, the park announced recently. The conservationists of the ocean park found that the Adelie penguins had exhibited mating behavior in September last year when the male penguins used stones to build nests to attract female penguins. In October, a special incubator was built to allow the eggs to hatch in a safe environment. The chicks were born in early December. A special incubator was built in October 2020 to allow Adelie penguin eggs to hatch in a safe environment. [Photo provided to] The six newborn penguins are named Yuanyuan, Nini, Jianjian, Kangkang, Pingping, and An'an. Each name contains a Chinese word that connotes good health. The chicks are expected to shed their fur before the Spring Festival and begin living independently soon after.