With heart, soul, mind and feet

2021-01-09 12:04:00

Leah Dou gave an online live show recently, performed in an abandoned hotel. In this space, with indoor trees reaching the ceiling and giant octopus legs protruding from the gray walls, Dou and her band sang, danced and no doubt dared to dream. "There was no audience, no stage, but only music and a group of people who love music," says Dou, 23, also known as Dou Jingtong. "It was exciting and I really enjoyed the energy." The singer-songwriter has just released her third full-length album, GSG Mixtape, featuring 13 songs she wrote, in styles that are hard to define. "Quite frankly I think it's the lack of knowledge on different genres that shaped the way things turned out for this album and the previous ones," she says. "Genre has never been something that I felt the need to specify."