Films to celebrate the centennial of CPC

2021-01-05 12:03:21

Poster of  The Pioneer. [Photo provided to China Daily] Several films commemorating the centennial of the Communist Party of China have recently started shooting, aiming for premieres around the anniversary of the founding of the Party — July 1. The Pioneer, a film portraying Li Dazhao, one of the founders of the Party, began filming in Shanghai on Sunday. Set from 1912-27, the movie will tell the revolutionary stories of Li's short life. He was among the early trailblazers to spread Marxism and Communism in China, and was executed by warlord Zhang Zuolin in 1927. Actor Zhang Songwen will play the role of Li, and the film will also portray many Li's comrades, and use parallel subjective perspective to unfold the grand image of the turbulent years. The Pioneer will be directed by young director Xu Zhanxiong. "Li's firm faith in relentless pursuit of communism is what I want to pass on to the younger generation," said Guan Hu, the producer of the film. The film Hope, which also portrays Li, started filming on Dec 20. The production of Hope is authorized by Li's elder son and daughter, Beijing News reported. The film will center on Li's personality from multiple sides – being a father, a teacher, a revolutionary, and a Marxist. Zhou Zhengtian, scriptwriter of Hope, said, "Li has a strong personality and charisma, which moved me as I wrote the script. I hope my work can create a dialog between and the young audience." On Dec 18, the film Red Boat started filming. The movie tells the Party's founding story with a focus on the first congress of the Party when delegates drafted the first program of the Party, pro­claiming the founding of the CPC. The meeting was first held in Shanghai but was interrupted by police and resumed on a boat on the South Lake in Jiaxing, Zhejiang province. Li Junyao contributed to the story.